Victoria Beckham Says Corey Haim Didn’t Want to Have Sex with Her

I always find it bizarrely fascinating when I find out two seemingly random celebrities have been best friends for years or use to date. In what has got to be one of the most bizarre hookups imaginable, Victoria Beckham has said that she used to date Corey Haim back before the Spice Girls were famous. And worse than that, Corey wasn’t all that into her. In fact, he didn’t want to have sex with Posh.Victoria Beckham has claimed that ex-boyfriend Corey Haim didn’t want to have sex with her during their short-lived fling. The singer dated The Lost Boys star in 1995, before she found fame with the Spice Girls but the couple didn’t get beyond a cheeky snog.
‘We didn’t have sex or anything,’ she told OK! magazine. ‘In actual fact, he didn’t seem to want to try. The most we did was kiss.’‘Looking back it’s hard to work out whether I really fancied him or if I was just a bit of a sad fan,’ she added.


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