10 Mixed-Blood Artis Malaysia

Maya Karin ( Germany + Malay + Chinese + Indian )

Cheryl Samad ( Malay + English )

Intan Ladyana ( Malay + Thailand )

Annahita Bakavoli ( Malay + Parsi )

Nora Danish ( Myanmar + Malay )

Faradhiya ( Italian + Malay )

Aishah Sinclair ( English + Malay )

Mellissa Maureen ( Chinese + Malay + Pakistan )

Sabrina Ali ( Pakistan + Malay )

Marion Caunter ( Chinese + English + Portuguese )

It’s called the pan-Asian face, and it usually means olive skin, black hair – and probably a Caucasian parent. Beauty now has joined that parade, particularly as a rising tide of mixed marriages, not only in Malaysia but across much of Asia, seems to be creating a new super race of beautiful women. Over the past couple of decades they have taken Asia’s modeling world by storm and changed the very definition of international beauty. They largely dominate magazine advertisements, fashion shows and catwalks from Singapore to Manila to Hong Kong. Some modeling agencies, like Elite Model Management of Hong Kong, have built their business on the faces of mixed-blood models.

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